The International Women’s Club of New England (IWCNE) was founded by Anna Kristina Sawtelle. The first monthly luncheon was held on March 28, 1992. Since its inception, IWCNE has donated over $200,000 to a variety of charities supporting women and children. Although an independent group, the New England Club is a member of Welcome Clubs International. IWCNE and two other clubs, one in Dallas, TX and another in Douala, Cameroon, share the same by-laws and logo, the Palm Tree. A Pine Cone logo was added to represent our New England Club. Past Presidents: Anna Kristina Sawtelle, Pearl Somaini-Dayer, Brenda Bukowski, Gwen Knowlton, Nonie Hubrecht, Barb Poulin, Lucille Gentsch, Charline Ludgate, Ellen O'Toole,Ellen Farber and Karen Ida Peterson. Current president: Mariene Benoit